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We are constantly evolving and trying to improve, both our horses and in life. We are striving to breed the ultimate barrel horses and Corgi dogs. We also plan on enjoying life's ride and savoring the journey as we go.

Take your time and browse through our site. If your looking to have your horse started, patterned or need it finished then check out our training and lesson page to get an idea of who we are. If your are in need of a horse, dog or tack take a look at our for sale page. If you need some help with your horse and would like to take some lessons or want to go down the road with a great group of people take a peek at Team Orange. If you have a mare and are looking to bred her then you definitely don't want to miss "Doc" on the Breeding page. If you are in our neck of the woods and are wondering where to run next weekend, check out the NBHA page for some great shows.

We are constantly updating our site, so please visit us often and if you're so inclined, drop us an email to say hi.

Team Orange at 2011 State Finals

Front Row - Brian & Skye, Baily Allen, Brendon Samborn, Angelia Osborn, Sue Plue, Hannah Osborne, Kate Gotell and Will
2nd Row - Kali Carpenter, Rachel Caputo, Liz Bartoli, Mandi Moore, Erin Stokes, Taylor Baldwin, Dawn Walling, Brooke Richardson, Maddie Baldwin and Chris Stokes
Standing - Karen & Aly Allen, Renee Richardson, Katlyn Trezil, Teri & Terry Moore, Jeff Richardson, Chris Carpenter, Joel Samborn, Camri McCoy, Kelsey Holley, Dave & Sharon Curl and Colleen Samborn.
Behind the camera Shannon Trezil, Brian and Donna Holley, Missing - LJ Osborne, Emily Styes


Here is just a few of our students that ride with us. If ya would like to see more of them visit our "Team Orange" page. This page is dedicated to those who ride with us and to showcase some of their accomplishments.


Brian and I would like to personally thank the following for your support this past year. It has been a wonderful journey that we hope to continue on. So, here's to all the Team Orange members who we enjoy running with every weekend and have adopted as family. To the mare owners who bred to "Doc". Those of you who sent us a horse and believe in our training program and philosophy. Those who stayed home to take care of the ranch so we could do what we love to do.

Jack Devero ~ Jennifer Warner ~ Kelly Schlimmer ~ Beth Miller ~ Roberta and Tom Tyson ~ Kelsey Miller ~ Brendan Samborn ~ Jesse & Margeret Fuson ~ Chris Carpenter ~ Mandi Moore ~ Kali Carpenter Ryan Richardson ~ Kali So ~ Brook Richardson ~ Hanah Plue ~ Mattie Baldwin ~ Tiffany Henson ~ Abby French ~ Alex Proulx ~ Dave Curl Melanie Priehs ~ Andi House ~ Erin Stokes ~ Taylor Baldwin ~ Sharon Curl ~ Chris Stokes ~ Cheryl So ~ Jeff Richardson ~ Jordan Harold ~ Tom Tyson ~ Joel Samborn ~ Dan Tyson ~ Sue Plue ~ Travis Priehs ~ Brandon Caesar ~ Carrie Wingeier ~ Grant Clarkston ~ Trish Baldwin ~ John Baldwin ~ Sylvia Richardson ~ Carrie & Dana House ~ Ron French ~ Brett Scroggins ~ Holly Williams ~ Kim Buckey ~ Liz Bartoli ~ Linda Porter ~ Leslie & Richard Buchanan ~ Sandy Simmons ~ Terri & Terry Moore ~ Renee Richardson ~ Colleen Samborn ~ Sue Daily ~ Paul & Cheryl Tobey ~ Leslie & Shelby Martin ~ Linda Henry ~ Dena Davis ~Jodi Loosenort ~ Shanna Rufner ~ Debbie Morgan ~ Janice Judd ~ Ron and Kathy Thornton ~ Terri Zick ~ Mel Kelly ~ Pat and Dotie Bayley ~ Carrie Hamilton ~ The Holley Family ~ Lisa Bartz ~ Dawn Walling ~ The Muscota Family ~ Amanda and Theresa Frick ~

Thank You!

Brian and Will

"Never squat with your spurs on"