Brian is a native of this area and his pursuit of education in the horse industry has taken him all over much of the Nation.
Brian has a very multi faceted background, and has rode and studied in almost every seat and discipline in the horse industry. He has made his pursuit of equine knowledge a lifelong committment and continually strives to learn from each horse and from each professional that has a new approach to training techniques.

Brian is very proud to have studied under such greats as Chuck Grant(dressage), Stuart Henkins(starting colts), Wes Wetherell (Western Pleasure), Paxton Mendelson (hunters) Jerry Fuller (Saddle Seat) Stanley White (Arabians), and countless others who have had a influence on his program.

Brian possesses a desire to bring out the best in each horse and rider, and truly strives to dwell on the positive, rather than fixate on the negative. He believes that a happy and willing horse learns quicker and stays productive longer than a horse that is pigeon holed into a frame that they are not comfortable with.

Brian continually strives to produce confidence in riders, rather than destroy it. He feels that his job is to help owners be able to ride their own horses and keep them fixed, rather than just make them so that the trainer can ride.

Brian has won 7 World Championships, 11 Reserve World and National Championships, many hi point in the nation titles, 100's of State Titles, Congress Championships, Trainer of the Year awards, and has coached and trained many, many, Youth and Amateur Champions. Brian has written articles that have been published in Horse & Rider, Appaloosa News, and many state publications. Brian was instrumental in organizing the very first High School Interscholastic Horsemanship Meets, and it gives him great pride to see the magnitude and force this endeavor has blossomed into. Brian is very active in instructing many local High School teams to this day.

Will is the other half of B&W Ranch.

He grew up in a rodeo family with his father being a pickup man and his mother barrel racing.

Like every rodeo family he started out riding the roping calves then the steers and finally bulls. Along the way he and his family along with a few others organized and helped evolve the 4-H Rodeo program in Michigan. During that period his family saw a need for someone to provide stock for this program, so they became stock contractors for 4-H, Little Britches and High School rodeos. This way the whole family could still be active in rodeo, since he had younger siblings that were still riding and running. To this day his family is still involved in rodeos. His father is now pulling flanks and mother is a rodeo secretary.

After graduating from high school he started working for a cutting ranch, after that he got into showing pleasure horses and had worked with some of the top trainer here in the state. He rode western and english with Deer Oak Quarter Horses who also stood Mito Cierra. While he was riding for them he also learned the breeding aspect as well. He then went to work for Rick and Julie Leek of Leek Quarter Horses to learn about the halter industry. They also stood a couple of studs where he learned more on breeding. After showing in the pleasure pen he realized that showing to a judge for their opinion and trying to keep up latest fads was not his cup tea. So he decided to run against the clock and would rather have things black and white. With rodeo blood running through his veins he decided to train barrel horses where his passion has been all this time.

After spending 5 yrs in TX, they are very happy to be back in Michigan and helping others with their horses. Wouldn't you like to see what they can do for you?

You can contact Brian and Will by email by clicking here,
or by phone at 810-772-9879,
Will at 810-923-4640